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It is my intention that the information contained in this website is accurate. I have tried to mention areas where I feel that the information may be inconsistent or inaccurate. You are welcome to use my data as a reference, but I encourage you to look at the references I have provided as to where I got the information in the first place. I try to use primary sources such as birth records, marriage records, and death records, but, more often than not these are not available to me.

I encourage the user of this data NOT to take it as 100% accurate but to find other information to confirm or deny what I have documented.

Finally, there is one very important caveat that I must make, and it regards the Watkins Family data. I am quite confident that the information I have included which includes me and all of my ancestors back to James and Anne White Watkins is correct. There is a great deal of documentation about this couple, my great, great, great, great, grandparents. So I am 100% convinced that my line extents back over the years to this couple. Moreover, I am indebted to my original sources. First, about 1968, I attended the Watkins Family reunion held that year in Bellefontaine, Ohio. At that time I received a copy of the family genealogy as it was first documented by Aaron Sherman Watkins about 1940. In 1982, Leo Watkins, updated the original document with his research and personal inquiries made to living Watkins, and he gave me a copy of his published document. Over the years I found a couple of significant errors in the introduction to these documents, and I have changed my data to correct these. I have the advantage of the Internet to furnish me access to records that neither Aaron nor Leo had available to them.

So now my final and most important caveat! About 2000 I received a document researched and written by my fifth cousin, James C. Watkins, who lived in Linwood, Kansas. James visited the Library of Virginia, in Richmond, Virginia, where he did much of his research. He published a document of his findings on 4 November, 1999. In it James concluded that our earliest Watkins ancestor in America was James Watkins who sailed to Virginia on the second supply ship to the Virginia colony in 1608. In places James C. Watkins has good documentation for information found in his document, but in places he does not. I say this not to criticize his research but to explain why I have been uncomfortable to include this data on my website. At the same time, I recognize that records of ordinary people living in the 16th and 17th century are rare and even more rare when those people lived in a remote, somewhat primitive place such as Colonial Virginia. The biggest concern I have with this document is that there is no evidence to link some of the parents to their children -- no birth records, no census records, no wills. And in the end, James C. Watkins had to speculate as to the parentage of our mutual ancestor, James Watkins of Sussex County, Virginia.

You may ask why I have now chosen to include this information in my database. Several things have lead me to this decision: (1) my DNA testing results, (2) a recently discovered website called Deep in the Woods II, and (3) my wish to "put it all together" so that not only I but others who have descended from James and Anne White Watkins might be able to find the missing pieces to tie these two sets of genealogy together.

First and foremost is DNA testing. I have had my DNA tested by the Family Tree DNA project, and my DNA is a close match to that of a William Forbes Watkins, Jr., who is able to document his ancestry back to Henry Watkins
(born 1638 Talgarth, Wales, died 1715 Malvern Hills, Henrico County, Virginia). This DNA match gives great credence to my Watkins line somehow being related to this Henry as suggested by James C. Watkins' document.

Second, in November, 2012, I was told about a website, Deep in the Woods II, which is beautifully presented and which comes to the same conclusions about the antecedents of Henry Watkins that James C. Watkins documented in 1999. Moreover, this site provides a bit more information; however, there is nothing more in it to connect James and Anne White Watkins to this lineage.

Third, if one digs around on the Internet, one can find the various elements of the 16th and 17th century Watkins in Wales and Virginia, but it is not all-together as it is in both James C. Watkins' document and the Deep in the Woods website. So I want to include these elements in this website so that not only I but others who have descended from James and Anne White Watkins might be able to go to one place to see how this all appears and then find the missing pieces to tie these two genealogies together.

Douglas Watkins
Falmouth, Maine
November 9, 2012

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