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Indiana, United States



Matches 201 to 250 of 447

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
201 JACKSON, J. M  Abt 1886Indiana, United States I17258
202 JOHNSON, LeRoy Merle  10 Jul 1911Indiana, United States I14411
203 JOHNSON, Mabelle Clare  1 Jan 1882Indiana, United States I13721
204 JONES, Laura Dean  Oct 1867Indiana, United States I9730
205 JONES, Rhoda Alice  28 Jan 1889Indiana, United States I10611
206 JUDY, Lorainia  Abt 1878Indiana, United States I5256
207 KAMERER, Nina Jean  Abt 1925Indiana, United States I11300
208 KAMP, Henry  Aug 1866Indiana, United States I17843
209 KELLOGG, Robert J.  1912Indiana, United States I7462
210 KENNEDY, Alice  Abt 1904Indiana, United States I11462
211 KENNEDY, Alpha Louise  22 May 1894Indiana, United States I11447
212 KENNEDY, Charles  Abt 1905Indiana, United States I11463
213 KENNEDY, Ervin  Abt 1901Indiana, United States I11460
214 KENNEDY, Esther E.  Sep 1896Indiana, United States I11448
215 KENNEDY, George E  Dec 1898Indiana, United States I11452
216 KENNEDY, Harold  Abt 1903Indiana, United States I11461
217 KENNEDY, Ida   I11466
218 KENNEDY, Iona  Abt 1908Indiana, United States I11465
219 KENNEDY, Malcomb  Abt 1908Indiana, United States I11453
220 KENNEDY, Rufus  Abt 1907Indiana, United States I11464
221 KENNEDY, Ruth B.   I11454
222 KENNEDY, William H.  Abt 1905Indiana, United States I11455
223 KIRKPATRICK, Anna  Abt 1869Indiana, United States I7317
224 KIRKPATRICK, Bessie  Abt 1893Indiana, United States I7320
225 KIRKPATRICK, Carl T.  Abt 1904Indiana, United States I7322
226 KIRKPATRICK, Elbert J.  20 Dec 1866Indiana, United States I7316
227 KIRKPATRICK, Gertrude M.  Abt 1900Indiana, United States I7321
228 KIRKPATRICK, Grace  Nov 1896Indiana, United States I15061
229 KIRKPATRICK, Harold  Nov 1898Indiana, United States I15062
230 KIRKPATRICK, Theodore  Abt 1906Indiana, United States I7323
231 KIRSCHBAUM, Marie M  31 Aug 1852Indiana, United States I7528
232 KNODLE, Gene   I12829
233 KRIENBRINK, Fred J  1882Indiana, United States I7257
234 KRIENBRINK, Leona Frances  9 Jun 1913Indiana, United States I7256
235 LEWIS, Artemisa  Mar 1879Indiana, United States I9682
236 LEWIS, Ester B.  Aug 1882Indiana, United States I17850
237 LEWIS, Seth B.  Mar 1886Indiana, United States I17852
238 LEYSE, Rose  1884Indiana, United States I11908
239 LONG, Everett B.  Abt 1908Indiana, United States I16197
240 LOVELESS, Lucetta  Abt 1853Indiana, United States I14491
241 LOVELESS, Sarah  Abt 1852Indiana, United States I14490
242 MAJOR, Nancy Jane  Abt 1844Indiana, United States I7721
243 MANER, Helen Louise  3 Feb 1918Indiana, United States I3003
244 MARTIN, Irene  May 1894Indiana, United States I13440
245 MARTIN, Yvette  Mar 1896Indiana, United States I13441
246 MAUS, Ralph Bernard  20 Oct 1898Indiana, United States I15831
247 MAY, Elsie Devolia  20 Oct 1904Indiana, United States I10615
248 MAY, Lucy Mildred  Abt 1902Indiana, United States I10619
249 MCKEE, Everett  Abt 1910Indiana, United States I7215
250 MEYER, Leo F.  5 Sep 1908Indiana, United States I7205

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